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App Relaunch Notice

August 31, 2016 by Jennifer


We are in the process of relaunching StockTouch very soon. Check back for details, we will update you with further information over the next few days on timing, and what’s next.

Thanks to all of our users for your incredible responses and follow up. Looking forward to being back up!!

The StockTouch Team

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One Response to “App Relaunch Notice”

  1. Dave Olson says:

    I bought StockTouch some time ago, and then it was shut down. I keep looking for it in Apple’s app store, but it doesn’t show up. I’m reading here that almost a year ago it was about to relaunch.

    I still have the original app on my iPad, but the data isn’t up to date and it says that the StockTouch servers are down.

    What’s Up? Is it renamed, dead, delayed, or what?


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