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Beginning, Middle, End.

November 7, 2011 by Jennifer

Steve Gillmore ruminates, in his characteristic stream of conscious brilliance that I can barely understand (but I know I need to, even as it wobbles between insight and incoherence), on the “…Appification of the computer, web, and media…” in his latest TechCrunch missive:

“When app gets the network it becomes the sum of all its parts, aware of its possibilities, able to provide the contours and context of what feels like a coherent entity. My mind feels comforted by the notion of the app, like hot chocolate after a day on the ski slope. Some place to go, beginning middle end. Yet I want the potential for disruption, the harnessing of those great minds out there signaling on the social stream, the drumbeat of serendipity orchestrated while I savor a good book. Discovery by design.”

I especially agree with his comment that an app gives you “some place to go, beginning middle end.” This is something we’ve thought about a lot in building StockTouch – the power of an app that has focus, that you know you want to use for a specific purpose. And that the app is the best possible thing to use for that focused purpose. In the case of StockTouch, it’s monitoring the market. In the case of the StockTouch of the future, it will be monitoring the market, and monitoring things you care about.

We’ve worked really hard to build something that feels like it was made by people who really, really care. As always, we love to hear from you, our customers, so please email us, or zap us a message on Twitter, Facebook.

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