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Creating & Editing WatchMaps

February 26, 2015 by Jennifer

ShortCut: Single Map Editing – Tap the Title text of any WatchMap, the title will turn blue, and open the editor for this WatchMap, next edit the map and click “Done”.  The title or theme of your WatchMap can be changed at the top of the editor page by tapping on the pre-existing title or theme name.


SingleWatchMapEditor blogmini


Full WatchMaps Editor – Tap the ellipsis button next to WatchMaps in the Heat Maps menu.  This pulls up the full editor for all WatchMaps, tap the graphic edit icon in the center of any map to select the WatchMap you want to edit, the selected map will highlight blue and white, and the text editor for that WatchMap then opens for editing.


StockTouchWatchMaps_MainEditor blog mini


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