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October 14, 2011 by Jennifer

Version 1.3 of StockTouch introduces a new feature we are calling Favorites. This feature gives you the ability to mark stocks on our heat maps (currently U.S 900 and Global 900 stocks), and easily view or hide the stocks that you have marked. This is our first baby step towards offering more powerful and flexible Watchlists. By no means are we done; consider this feature a small taste of where we want to take customization.

You favorite a stock in an obvious place: on its main screen. On the iPad you will see a Favorites icon in the upper right of a given stock’s screen, and on the iPhone it will be oriented slightly more towards the top center of the screen:

Favoriting stocks is as simple as touching that little icon. Now that you’ve started favoriting stocks, they are remembered by the app, and quietly stored in iCloud so that they will also appear if you open StockTouch on another device that is linked to your AppleID. For example, if you Favorite your stocks on your iPad, the next time you open up your iPhone, they will magically appear on the screen. Note that you need to be using iOS 5 on both devices for this quiet syncing over iCloud to work. If you are not using iOS 5, your Favorites will still work, but they will stay on your device and not utilize iCloud.

After you pinch to zoom back out of Level 3, you will notice that the screen has changed slightly. Your Favorites now stand apart from their peers slightly. The interface still looks and behaves the same way, but we’ve added some subtle effects that lift your Favorites off the screen and enable you to quickly identity them among the 900 other stocks on the screen.

Favorites can be easily turned on and off by touching the star in the menu on the right side of the screen (for both iPad and iPhone versions of the app). This menu allows you to show/hide both your Favorites and market indices.

When your Favorites are turned on, you can surf through the app to your heart’s content, and these stocks will also being quickly identifiable amidst the noise of the markets. It’s particularly helpful to see how your Favorites rank compared to their sector peers over a given time period, and even additionally against the S&P 500. Here’s an example of how Apple, Microsoft, Google and have fared vs. the S&P amidst their sector peers, over the past six months:

We hope you enjoy this important new feature in StockTouch, and as always encourage you to contact us with your feedback at, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter.






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