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New WatchMaps: 2 Ways to Create & Edit Personalized Maps

February 17, 2015 by Jennifer

2 Ways to Edit: Editor Icon & WatchMap Name

1. Full WatchMaps Editor – Editor Icon:   Tap the Editor/More icon (circle with “…”)  in the Heat Maps menu next to WatchMaps navigation button.  Hit the Close button (circle with “x”) when you are finished editing.

2. Single WatchMap Editor – Tap List Name:  Navigate to your WatchMaps page.  Tap exactly on the text of the name of the particular WatchMap you want to edit.  The text will turn blue momentarily and navigate to the editor for that WatchMap.  Tap Done when you are finished editing.

Each WatchMap can be edited and personalized with a theme name.  Lists can be emailed or pasted in from a spreadsheet column.  To rename, tap the WatchMap name once you are in the map editor.



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