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Pain Served Four Ways (with a little consolation)

October 3, 2011 by Jennifer

Another down day in the markets. The first day of Q4, concerns about the European debt crisis, and Bank of America’s continued woes eventually pulled down a mixed market into deep loss territory. At the end of the day, StockTouch looked like this:

If you prefer your pain served up in a more organized way, you might like our new view (not yet in the app) which allows you to arrange winners and losers of a given measure (in this case price) in lexigraphical order:

Another interesting way to view the mayhem, which we hope lightens your load just a touch, is our new “vs. S&P 500”  which provides a nice signal to noise filter on a day like today. At least now you can see who’s outperforming and underperforming the broad market movement. Consolation prize: larger cap companies in Consumer, Services, Technology and Utilities outperformed their smaller cap peers, except in Finance, where B of A and Citigroup led the negative charge:

And finally, a picture of symmetry that hopefully provides some balance and hope in the midst of another painful down day in the stock market. This is the “vs. S&P view” combined with our not-yet-in-the-app view of winners and losers in lexi order:


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