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Portfolio List View & Holdings Details

November 20, 2016 by Jennifer


To find account details and holdings, tap Portfolio Value white header text (turns blue when selected) in the top right corner, or tap the More “…” button to the right of Your Portfolio in the Heat Maps menu.


Once a linked account is selected, a summary scrollable list of its holdings is displayed.  If you have multiple accounts linked, switch holdings view by tapping the account/broker name that you would like to view.  The selected account is denoted by the blue arrow.


Holdings summary shows average cost and last price.  Tap symbol summary lines to view additional details, such as bid, ask, total value and return information.  Buy and sell buttons are also in this view.

Brokerage connections are provided by TradeIt.  Please refer to the TradeIt FAQ or contact for further information and questions regarding this feature.

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  1. Kata-kata says:

    i like read article here. thanks

  2. Benoit says:

    The app was the best app for quick analyzing markets, will it be available again soon ?

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