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StockTouch for Mac goes live!

August 23, 2013 by Jennifer


StockTouch for Mac is now officially in the wild in the Mac App Store.  (Finance Apps, $4.99)

StockTouch is a native app which delivers its user experience with gaming technology and 30fps animation.  We created StockTouch for Mac because we felt the user experience on our mobile iOS apps would be awesome on large screens, and significantly more useful for market watchers and investors, as a platform for expanded functionality, data, and analytics.


  • Resizable window and full screen viewing capabilities – use as a desktop widget, expand to full screen, or anything in between
  • Gesture-based navigation for track pads – tap to zoom in, pinch to zoom out, tap star banner to Favorite
  • Syncs Favorites via iCloud, including syncing with StockTouch iOS (optional)
  • Same functionality as StockTouch for iOS, opens news links in Safari browser
  • Quick keys for changing viewing and sorting options – instantly switches heat maps, displayed statistics and sorting

Coming soon: Retina-display optimization, more stocks, more analytics.  Send us feedback at

2 Responses to “StockTouch for Mac goes live!”

  1. Abner Womack says:

    Having problem with current update and graphics. Seems to be stuck on data about 2 months ago. Am a big fan and heavy user. Thanks

  2. Abner Womack says:

    Having problem with current update and graphics.

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