Apple App Store: Money Management

StockTouch is highlighted as a noteworthy app in Apples “Money Management” promotion in the App Store on your iPad, iPhone or in iTunes, from March 7-15th.

Apple Love

Today Apple announced the new retina display iPad. We couldn’t be more excited. We were also pleasantly surprised to see Tim Cook talk about “groundbreaking apps” and to cite and show StockTouch as one of them. Check out the video below (embedded from CNN) as well as a still from Apple’s event rebroadcast (we are at approximately the 20 minute mark).

GigaOM: Even in the red, StockTouch makes stock market look good

Erica Ogg wrote a very thorough and thoughtful piece about StockTouch which branches out and explores the larger theme of how data visualization is maturing and influencing business intelligence, and even how people visualize their personal activities.

ZDNet: Silky Smooth

“I’ve experimented with a number of iOS stock apps over the years and StockTouch($4.99, App Store) is the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen. By a long shot.”

Startup Select

This review of StockTouch in Startup Select hones in on the highly visual nature of the app:

“Initially, it is the UI of StockTouch that is stunning – slick, and speedy. The heatmaps for the various sectors take up the largest part of the screen, leaving a bar down the right-hand side for StockTouch’s controls.”

Some Recent Tweets About StockTouch

StockTouch has gotten a bit of love on Twitter lately:

Favourite new iOS interface of the day is from Stocktouch. For getting an overview of the markets it must be indispensable.
Tom Coates



someone showed me this last night and I think it is a beautiful app
Karen Barber


“@: someone showed me this last night and I think it is a beautiful app” Edward Tufte would be chuffed!
Iain Simpson


@ totally sweet app love it! I suggest others check it out. STB approved.


@ is the only app I can find that is pleasing to the eye and touch. Please add more companies and watchlists to ease my pain.
Matt Baty

Chris Abraham Reviews StockTouch

A thoughtful review of StockTouch by Chris Abraham (disclosure: we work with his social media and PR consulting firm):

“What happens when John, a video game guru, who has made a fortune producing games for mobile gets together with tech entrepreneur and angel investor, Jennifer Johnson, and user experience maestro, Steve de Brun, then you can have your very own mini Minority Report experience with a user interface that gesturally and intuitively allows you to track publicly-traded business and their stocks and indexes near real-time without needing to get a PhD in finance from Princeton University first.”

Business Finance Store: Smooth, smart and fun.

The Business Finance Store reviews StockTouch:

“It is smartly designed. It serves its primary purpose, tracking stock market movements, efficiently and effectively. However, there was an added element for me. I ended up learning a lot because of its ease and enjoyability of use. It’s fun and interesting. I found myself returning to it again and again, lingering long after I followed up on the stocks of interest to me, studying companies and sectors, learning about their history, clicking through the news links and such.”

Apple Bitesite

“StockTouch is all about presentation, and it’s got it spot on. The visuals are fantastic, with the colours used brilliantly to represent what has happened to each stock. Sometimes, with lots of data in one place, it can be complicated, but not in this. It’s visual design makes everything clear, while still including everything you could need.”

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Stock Investing Simplified

Stock Investing Simplified posted a thoughtful review of StockTouch today that includes this assertion:

Being a visual learner, I found that in using Stock Touch I was quickly able to obtain the information that I was looking for in order to make better quality buy and sell decisions. This has saved me a lot of research time, thus making the whole process of investing that much more enjoyable.

Business Week

StockTouch Co-founder Jennifer Johnson is interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek for an article about iPad apps for business.


Technophilia says “StockTouch is a surprisingly cheap app given the power and functionality it contains. What is it? Essentially, it’s an app that lets you know anything you could possibly want to know about the stock market at any point in time.”

The Daily

The Daily thinks we’re alright :)

Apple Selects StockTouch as Top Finance iPad App for 2011

We are humbled and excited to be selected by Apple as the Top iPad Finance App for 2011 via Apple’s App Store Rewind 2011! You can read about it on Yahoo! here, or see the list in iTunes here (click on iPad apps). This is fantastic news. OK, back to work.


App Central Review

Canadian TV show App Central reviews StockTouch. It’s the first app reviewed in Episode 8.1, which you can view here.

StockTouch in the Apple Store

StockTouch is on all demo iPads and iPhones in Apple Stores!

August 4, 2011

Technology Meetups Polish Up Their Acts – Wall Street Journal

StockTouch was mentioned in an article called “Technology Meetups Polish Up Their Acts” in the August 4 edition of the Wall Street Journal (behind the paywall).

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October 14, 2011

Xignite Customer Spotlight

“StockTouch is an iPad/iPhone app that allows users to quickly understand in a very visual way the overall state of the stock market, and then drill down further to the individual stock level. StockTouch includes a groundbreaking interface that brings together the power of data visualization and Xignite’s financial market data.”

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October 14, 2011

#2 Top Grossing App for Finance in the AppStore

October 12, 2011

Apple App Store: Staff Favorites

October 10, 2011

Apple ‘n’ Apps Review

“StockTouch is a great way to view stocks on your iOS device with plenty of information displayed with a beautiful design. There is an intuitive interface to maneuver through all of the information, and there are multiple ways to sort all of the data.”

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October 7, 2011

AppStorm Review

“The stock market and the research involved in working with the stock market can be a bit of a bore, for most of us it quickly becomes awkward and difficult. StockTouch, by taking a more visual and interactive approach, has created a truly stunning application.”

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October 7, 2011

The 3 Phase Evolution of Buy-Side Mobile Apps

“A hint of this future is the StockTouch app, that is powered by Xignite market data. StockTouch uses the touchscreen interface of the iPhone and iPad to bring to life a visualization of the stock market. Their mobile app offers functionality that no traditional buy-side application can emulate.”

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October 6, 2011

@Work: Apps for Business

October 2, 2011


“I highly recommend StockTouch if you are even the slightest bit interested in the stock market. Those that care about the stock market for business or personal reasons would also love this app. It’s just a great tool for watching over the markets, and easily puts Apple’s own Stocks app to shame.”

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