August 4, 2011
Meet-ups Polish Their Acts

StockTouch was mentioned in an article called “Technology Meetups Polish Up Their Acts” in the August 4 edition of the Wall Street Journal (behind the paywall).


October 14, 2011
#2 Top Grossing App for Finance in the AppStore


October 14, 2011
Xignite Customer Spotlight: StockTouch’s Groundbreaking Mobile App Powered Exclusively by Xignite Market Data

“StockTouch is an iPad/iPhone app that allows users to quickly understand in a very visual way the overall state of the stock market, and then drill down further to the individual stock level. StockTouch includes a groundbreaking interface that brings together the power of data visualization and Xignite’s financial market data.”


July 8, 2011
Apple App Store

Beautiful graphics meet powerful tools in this cool, new market app for #iPad, @. #appstore
App Store


August 11, 2011
iShares Likes StockTouch

iShares Managing Director Sue Thompson talks about her favorite financial iPad apps, and StockTouch makes the cut.


October 12-19, 2011
Apple App Store: Staff Favorites


October 6-13, 2011
@Work: Apps for Business


October 10, 2011
StockTouch – Get a Feel For Stocks

“StockTouch is a great way to view stocks on your iOS device with plenty of information displayed with a beautiful design. There is an intuitive interface to maneuver through all of the information, and there are multiple ways to sort all of the data.”


October 7, 2011
The 3 Phase Evolution of Buy-Side Mobile Apps

“A hint of this future is the StockTouch app, that is powered by Xignite market data. StockTouch uses the touchscreen interface of the iPhone and iPad to bring to life a visualization of the stock market. Their mobile app offers functionality that no traditional buy-side application can emulate.”


October 7, 2011
StockTouch: Incredibly Visual Stock Market Monitoring

“The stock market and the research involved in working with the stock market can be a bit of a bore, for most of us it quickly becomes awkward and difficult. StockTouch, by taking a more visual and interactive approach, has created a truly stunning application.”


October 2, 2011
StockTouch Is The Way To Watch The Stock Market On Your iPhone And iPad

“I highly recommend StockTouch if you are even the slightest bit interested in the stock market. Those that care about the stock market for business or personal reasons would also love this app. It’s just a great tool for watching over the markets, and easily puts Apple’s own Stocks app to shame.”


September 28, 2011
StockTouch App Gets A Terrific Update

“One of the more attractive and useful apps for the iPad has received its first significant update. StockTouch has gone universal and now includes a lot more tools for the active investor.”


August 3, 2011
NY Tech Meetup: Flying Objects, Barking Dogs and the Mayor’s Tech Goal

“StockTouch, a mobile information experience, was described by founder Steve de Brun as a tactile, mobile, powerful map of the stock market that updates throughout the course of the day through market trading hours.  ‘It’s a new way of visualizing the stock market.'”


July 23, 2011
StockTouch Makes Watching The Stock Market Enjoyable, Even On A Bad Day

“Watching stocks is not always exciting. However, a new iPad app is out that actually makes checking the stock market enjoyable, even when it’s a bad day on Wall Street.”


July 13, 2011
Synesthesia Stock Trading

“Thinking back to the revolutionary impact of ‘quants’ to stock trading in the late 70s, this app made me wonder whether in the future we would see new types of trading rooms with massive visual displays and synesthetic interfaces.”


July 11, 2011
StockTouch – interactive stock monitoring tool

“Financial markets have always been an area of rapid innovation, with the evolution of graphical stock information being no exception. It looks like the famous stock-ticker could be replaced with the stock-toucher. A new iPad application by Visible Market Inc. provides an excellent example of the use of highly aggregated color graphics and touch-interaction.”


July 7-13, 2011
#1 Top Paid App for Finance in the AppStore

StockTouch was the number one Top Paid and Top Grossing App in the Finance category of the App Store on the iPad.


July 9, 2011
Review: New iPad App-StockTouch

“Stocktouch is a new iPad app for checking equity stocks and stock market performance like you’ve never seen before. This innovate iPad app has raised the bar for the next wave of business information apps for iPad. Stocktouch for iPad is very clever and unique in how you connect with your daily stock data.”



July 8, 2011
StockTouch – The Stock Market, On Your iPad

“Providing a fluid and polished interface, StockTouch makes it real easy to find the stock price information for today or spanning over the last week, month, 3-months, 6-months, 1 year and even 5-years, for any number of corporations which operate worldwide.”


June 30, 2011
AppFresh Daily

“Allows you to view stocks in a different way. The app boasts a beautiful interface, and allows you to view stock information in detail and also reveals company trends.”