AppleGazette: Six Best Personal Finance Apps


AppleGazette: StockTouch enables you keep track of the stock market and receive information in real time.

The various stocks can be sorted alphabetically by percentage gains, by volume, by market capitalization and by size. In order to gain more information on a particular stock, e.g. its performance overtime, one has to simply zoom on it.

The heat maps whichAppleGazette  are coded by colour for easy visibility enable you to keep track of changes in the market.

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AppAdvice: Stalk Your Stocks With These Amazingly Accurate Apps


Best Ways to Track Stocks.  Stock market trading isn’t for the faint of heart. Luckily, there are apps to help you along the way.  Visually packed app with data and information to help understand stocks and companies.  StockTouch is part of a new breed of high performance visual business information apps.

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App Advice: Why We Love it


StockTouch provides a beautiful interface for viewing the top stocks of both the U.S. and Global markets.  StockTouch’s interface brings the power of data visualization and financial information together.  StockTouch offers real-time dynamic heat maps, stock quotes, and user-created WatchMaps.  StockTouch allows you to watch hot stocks by creating a dynamic daily heat map: intraday 100 hottest price and volume movers. There is live map animation that flashes up/down price moves on maps during trading hours. StockTouch allows you to import, export, edit & share via emailed CSV files. You can also watch live price and percent changes to view up to 900 prices updating in real-time.

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Apps That Keep You In the Know


Disruptive Apps – Sometimes out in the world of investing and finance, there comes an app that changes the way people trade stocks and do research.  Some of these apps have special qualities to them that haven’t been seen before in the investing world.  An App like StockTouch is unique when it comes to the similar amount of stocks that have the ability to track a portfolio or stock market. This app utilizes visual data to track real time data in terms set by you through volume, percentage gains, market capitalization or more.


Investopedia: Top 5 Apps For Traders


Top 5 Apps for Traders – Consumers are increasingly shifting towards mobile platforms as new tools can help investors gain insight, hone their skills, and trade their portfolios.  StockTouch is one of the top 5 apps that gained popularity and positive reviews from users in 2016.  Justin Walton / Investopedia

October 15, 2015

AppMakr: 7 Best Stock Market Apps


Successfully navigating the stock market demands accurate, up to the minute information — thanks to smartphones, this crucial data streams directly into the palm of our hands.

StockTouch app can be effectively summed up with a single word: comprehensive. The app provides vivid data charts that convey information from thousands of companies across multiple sectors. Trends are illustrated with an interactive heat map, and it connects users with extensive news coverage from all over the world.


Investopedia: 10 Productivity Apps for Finance Professionals


StockTouch is an app that allows you to understand the stock market using the power of data visualization. Using a series of color-coded heat maps, you are able to get a unique sense of the pulse and direction of the market. Shades of green indicate stocks that are gaining in value, while shades of red indicate stocks that are losing in value. You can monitor both price and volume, and study historical information of a given stock.

September 15, 2015

Paste: 10 Essential Stock Market Apps


StockTouch – A more stylish alternative to conventional stock tracking apps, StockTouch offers some powerful data visualization, allowing you to watch the market as it leaps wildly around from day to day. The app caters for 9 sectors, over 5,000 companies, 40,000 charts, and 50,000 news stories, meaning you’re not limited with content. You can analyze developments according to a heat map with extra animations available via in-app purchases.