AppAdvice: Stalk Your Stocks With These Amazingly Accurate Apps


Best Ways to Track Stocks.  Stock market trading isn’t for the faint of heart. Luckily, there are apps to help you along the way.  Visually packed app with data and information to help understand stocks and companies.  StockTouch is part of a new breed of high performance visual business information apps.

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App Advice: Why We Love it


StockTouch provides a beautiful interface for viewing the top stocks of both the U.S. and Global markets.  StockTouch’s interface brings the power of data visualization and financial information together.  StockTouch offers real-time dynamic heat maps, stock quotes, and user-created WatchMaps.  StockTouch allows you to watch hot stocks by creating a dynamic daily heat map: intraday 100 hottest price and volume movers. There is live map animation that flashes up/down price moves on maps during trading hours. StockTouch allows you to import, export, edit & share via emailed CSV files. You can also watch live price and percent changes to view up to 900 prices updating in real-time.

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